Adult Milky Amber Necklace

Adult Milky Amber Necklace

  • €41.00

Milky amber is highly prized among amber colours hence the price, its a beautiful milky colour with buttery hues.

 You can choose pop clasp for people suffering from arthritis or other painful ailments that struggle with normal clasps. 

Baltic amber uses
• pain relief 
• natural antibiotic 
• natural analgesic 
• accelerates the healing of wounds
• anti inflammatory 
• anti stress
• arthritic ailments 
• sore throat
• joint pain 
• headaches and migraines 
• rheumatism 
• insomnia 
• thyroid problems 
• throat problems
• ear problems
The list goes on and on...

Amber has an electromagnetic charge, it will build up an electrical charge, so jewellery that sits against the skin is most effective for pain relief and healing. 
Amber can help protect the body from the negative effect of mobile phones, microwaves etc.