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In this section, we have compiled the top 7 questions...

*** our free repair service includes shipping back to you, up to 2 replacement amber beads, a clasp if necessary and thread. Please send your repair in a padded envelope with a note including your name, address and a brief summary of the work required. To arrange a repair please contact us:


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#1 What size anklet or necklace do I order? Ok, this isn't as complicated as you might think... If ordering an anklet please measure your child's ankle snugly and add 2cm. For example, 12cm will become 14cm. If ordering a necklace, it should be short enough so that your child cannot get it over their chin and into their mouth, but still comfortable around their neck (ideally on or below their collar bone). Still unsure? Please don't hesitate to email us using the contact button or emailing us

#2 How long is your turnaround time? We aim to get the order made as quickly as possible and out the door within 2 days but often it's only 1 day. We are highly communicative with our customers if there are any delays.

#3 What colour amber is best? We love amber and all colours rock but the lighter shades contain 1% more succinic acid than darker shades.

#4 Should I order raw or polished amber? This is probably the most commonly asked question. Polished amber feels silky smooth and we recommend it for children and adults suffering from eczema and dry skin conditions. Raw amber hasn't been through the polishing process. The succinic acid aka healing oils are on the surface so gets to work that little bit faster.

#5 Whats the story with your amber not suitable for the under 3s? I am a mother of a beautiful girl named Lilyth and it's my responsibility to inform you of potential choking dangers involved and I urge you to be careful and observant while your child wears their necklace or anklet.The amber necklaces and anklets are not toys and must never be treated as such. Please check your amber on a regular basis.

#6 What is 'the grow with you' range? We're very proud to offer you, our wonderful customer, the option to send us your necklace or anklet to be upgraded from pop to screw safety clasp and resizing as and when needed. The service is designed to be kind on your pocket and the environment. 

#7 What if I'm unhappy with my order? Our priority is your satisfaction and we urge you to get in touch with us.