Chakra Adult Necklace with Lava and peridot.

Chakra Adult Necklace with Lava and peridot.

  • €35.00

These beautiful handmade necklaces are made with beneficial qualities of the chakra stones. 

Chakra is an old Sanskrit word that literally translates to wheel. There are 7 basic wheels or votexes of energy starting with:

With lava beads for use with your favourite essential oils and beautiful peridot.

  1. Crown: white/clear
  2. Third eye: indigo
  3. Throat: blue
  4. Heart: green/pink
  5. Solar plexus: yellow/greenish yellow
  6. Sacral: orange 
  7. Base: red

Imbalances of the chakras can cause a list of different ailments and conditions. 

Necklaces are typically 43-45cm long

● free accidental repair service.

● knotted between beads with an easy to use screw clasp